Saturday, July 18, 2009

This road is bumpy....but so are my legs, so I'd better keep traveling...Pray for me!

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  1. There are sooo many reasons why "weight" is such an issue today and MOST of it is not the fault of the people who are struggling with the issue. The chemicals, additives, flavor enhancers, etc., that alter our foods, coupled with over-processing, poor growing and harvesting practices, and so on, have really wreaked havoc on our bodies. Today's "food system" has made eating healthy and staying fit and slim a daunting task.

    The closer a person can get to eating "natural," unadulterated foods, the healthier and slimmer that person will be. Unfortunately, those food choices are expensive. That's why growing what you can of your own will help. ;)

    Don't get discouraged, Dar! There is NO "darkness" that we cannot be delivered from.

    Love and hugs,